Former ETS Student

An update on a former ETS student, who graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia this past December with her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design: Jessica attended last year’s New York Bridal Fashion Week in conjunction with her second internship. Over the last couple of years, she has been heavily involved in special events related to her schoolwork. As an honors student, she was often asked to design and/or show designs at various fashion shows and events in Philadelphia. Some of those included showcasing steampunk designs at a S.T.E.A.M.punk Expo held at Morris Arboretum (2015) and the annual PhashionPhest (2015) show. She also created a design that was a part of a fashion show for Subaru Cherry Blossom festival (2016) alongside a previous menswear design inspired by the video game Assassin’s Creed. Both of these looks were presented at a more exclusive promo event for the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Loews Hotel in center city Philadelphia (2016). She was also recognized for her participation in a design contest alongside the Mummers (2015). Additionally, she worked with high end design company Oscar de la Renta one on one with the bridal collection. Jessica also interned with New York based bridal company Pas de Deux Bridal. Bridal was her main interest from the beginning and followed through all the way to her senior collection, where she completed the six month process of creating all original designs from scratch for a bridal party, including a bridal gown with removable sheer skirt, two bridesmaid dresses, and a flower girl dress inspired by the secret flower language used in the Victorian Era. She attended the most recent New York Fashion Week, which is the biggest, most prestigious group of fashion shows in the country and one of the biggest in the world. She looks forward to a career in fashion.


Thank you…

After completing her FAFSA at her school, a senior started out her sentence with the word THANK YOU repeated to me at least a half a dozen times in a row.  This was then followed by:  “My mom and I were trying to do this for weeks on our own and kept getting stuck, mainly on the income part.  She was afraid that she messed it up for me.  I am so glad I went to my counselor and that she suggested the ETS program at the Educational Opportunity Centers.  Thank goodness!  It was driving us crazy.  I can’t believe how fast you got it done for me.  Thanks again Mr. S, you have no idea what a relief this is for me.”

College Visit Questions

Get more out of a college visit.  Asking the best questions may get your the best information for deciding on a school.

You can’t always go just on that first impression of a campus.  Dig deeper to unearth more about the campus, students, faculty, academics, extra curriculars, and more.

Here’s a great list to download to build your own list of questions:

National TRiO Day

This year on Saturday, February 25, National TRIO Day will be recognized in communities throughout the United States. National TRIO Day was initiated in 1986, and designed to be celebrated annually on the last Saturday in February, in order to focus the nation’s “attention on the needs of disadvantaged young people and adults aspiring to improve their lives.”  Federal Trio Programs assist low-income Americans  enter college, graduate and move on to participate more fully in America’s economic and social life. Our hope is that through focus on “National TRIO Day” these programs will see increased awareness and support. Continue reading “National TRiO Day”

Nothing ever stopped her pursuit of an education…

Chrissy came to EOC a long time ago when she needed her GED.  She tried for years to pass that test and every time, she fell just a few points short.  So, her Academic Specialist at EOC offered a unique plan to pass that test; come in once a week and go over those questions that she just couldn’t figure out by studying at home.

So, once a week for four months, Chrissy met with her EOC counselor and together they worked through the test.  Finally, Chrissy passed the GED and decided to not stop on her educational pursuit.  First step, the Certified Nurses Aid (CNA).  Chrissy found that she was a natural with taking care of the elderly.  For the first time in her life, she had a regular paycheck.  But Chrissy wasn’t finished yet.  Next step, the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).  To prepare for the entrance test, Chrissy and her EOC counselor met once a week and went over the test in pieces until Chrissy knew the material and was confident in taking the Nursing Entrance Test.  Of course, she did great on the test, and was admitted to the program.

Today, Chrissy is a nursing professional that not only loves her job; but is making more money that she ever dreamed possible.  She called today to say that her and her husband are closing on their first home next week; to think that when this all started, she was living in public housing.