SAT Prep Works #TRiOWorks

Our first SAT after school prep ran twice a week for 5 weeks in March.  Students took the test in May and the scores came out today.  Below is the text conversation between myself and one of the students.

Student:  “Hey Mrs. Kahn, I got my scores today.”

Me:  “And……”

Student: “ I think I can do better, therefore I am going to take it again.  I got a 1070”.

Me:  “that is a very good score- I hope you can do better next time too”

Student:  “It’s my first time taking it, so I guess more practice will help, but I wanted to let you know that I was really scared to take the test, but the SAT prep really helped.  Thank you for everything.”

It’s conversations like this that I know TRiO is doing great work.  We have conversations like this every day with our students.  How many people in life can actually say they love their job?  I can!!!!




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