Multi-generational support …

Our staff recently attended an outreach event at a local high school.  There, we met with hundreds of families who lived in the neighborhood and many of whose children attended the school at which the community outreach was held.  A woman came to our table and identified herself as Theresa.  Theresa said “I know all about EOC.”  Years ago, I had absolutely no idea how to fill out the applications for going to college, nor did I even have any idea what I wanted to study.  You guided me through the process and helped me find a major that would interest me.  You also completed the financial aid papers.  I completed my Associates degree and now have a job I love working in Social Services at the Commission for Equal Opportunity.  Had it not been for EOC, I would not have the job I now have and love.  Thank you EOC!

When we returned to the office, Theresa called and asked us to schedule an appointment for her son who is hopeful to enter college soon.  We are delighted to say that EOC is multi-generational!


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